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That Boy Needs Thespians

A masterpiece that took over 20 hours to complete. That's longer than Cameron took making Titanic. Seriously, that was only like 4, 5 hours tops.

They Have Faces!

What would you be more afraid of, giant Chocolate Digestives taking over the world or giant BNs doing likewise?

Time Kills

The warning labels on cigarette packets still make sense when you replace the word ‘smoking’ with the word ‘time’.

Ice Cream! I'm All Out of Ice Cream!

Rory was a commercial helicopter pilot and quite a successful one. He spent his days going up and down in that helicopter, flying over the city. He loved the view. He loved the way that everything seemed so tiny when he was up in his helicopter.

How to Make a Birdfeeder

Today I'm going to teach you how to make your own birdfeeder! Now, I know what you're thinking and I'm going to use that to my advantage, which is why my first tip is never play me in poker. The birdfeeder on the other hand, is a very useful thing indeed.

Jeremy Irons Wears Hats

Today famous actor Jeremy Irons will be modelling some of the latest looks from the world of hats, the most lucrative market of the fashion industry. He'll show us what's in this season and how you should wear it. Just remember, Jeremy Irons may be able to pull this off but there's a good chance your uncultured noggin won't look anywhere near as good in these stylish cranial accessories.

Parties, Pins and Pedestrian Lights

I was late. Damn late. My bus had broken down on the way and I was a good twenty minutes late for the surprise party. Surprise! Of course, I couldn’t even head straight there once I got into town; I had to go to the ATM.

The Truth About David Copperfield

Another exposé on the world of magicians, wizards and illusionist today, following up from this site's recent revelation of David Blaine's true nature. The master illusionist himself, David Copperfield, direct descendant of Charles Dickens, has revealed his newest trick: he plans to impregnate a woman, live on stage, without touching her.

Best Before - See Cap/Bottle

Pepsi-Cola is a cola flavoured soft drink that is, as suggested by their hefty ‘50% Extra Free’ bottles, best served chilled. Of course, they never specify what chilled is.

Frequently Arrested Quizmasters

Since I've received dozens upon dozens of emails, I've decided that a little FAQ is in order. Note: The emails had nothing to do with the website; I just felt like writing this thing. Have you got a problem with that?