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Breaking Into Hollywood

"I know we're all worried about how well Logan is performing. Domestic box office alone is far greater than we predicted."

I Hung it on Me Wall

The following is my definitive ranking of the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I don't want any dissent over this. My word is final.

A Retrospective of Cadbury's Looney Tunes Bars

In the early 1990s Warner Brothers forged a historic deal with Cadbury to create a range of chocolate bars shaped like their popular Looney Tunes characters. Some of these are fondly remembered and some long forgotten.

Friends Spinoffs That Could Have Been

We are living in one of six separate yet parallel realities, each of which was split from a single shared reality. This was caused by the choice of character on which to base a spinoff of Friends.

GE16 PSA: Filling Out Your Ballot

Exercising your right to vote is a vital part of the democratic experience. It's also your civil duty, so it's very important you don't fuck it up.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2016 Report

Fine Gael held their 78th Ard Fheis last weekend in Citywest, Dublin. An unexpected development came, when Enda Kenny announced Fine Gael's proposed National Napkin Scheme.

The Phantom of the Oscar

I hold in my hand a genuine bottle of water from the tank in which Leonardo DiCaprio drowned during the making of James Cameron's Titanic.

The Chicken or the Egg

A man, Harry, is sitting and reading intently. He occasionally mumbles. He slowly looks away from the paper and then suddenly announces, โ€œof course!โ€ He stands, ready to take action upon his realisation. Before he can take a step, a second man enters.

Dear Editor...

Madam - The news that the Web Summit will no longer be held in Dublin came as a shock to few. Commentary surrounding the news has focused on issues with Ireland's infrastructure. This is, frankly, utter bullshit.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Years of the Last Ten Years

By any measure I think we can all agree that 2013 was the worst year of the last ten years.