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Steve Higginson's Top Ten Years of the Last Ten Years

By any measure I think we can all agree that 2013 was the worst year of the last ten years.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Planets

Coming in at the bottom of the list is the closest planet to the sun, Mercury. It is, in most ways, just a terrible, terrible planet. However, it made the list above other planets because it is the sole source of quicksilver in the solar system.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Tools

Coming in at tenth place is the humble hammer. Created at the dawn of time, this amazing tool has been used by nearly everyone who has ever lived. Its many uses include hammering nails and hammering screws that just won't screw in properly.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Days of the Week

Coming in a disappointing tenth is Wednesday. Its low ranking is due to the difficulty in the spelling of the word, since it is pronounced differently to how it's written.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Fruit

The apple, known to the French as the potato of the ground (or something like that), was just barely able to scrape its way into the top ten. Its inclusion in prawn cocktails was what knocked it up a notch above the other, lower fruit.