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A Tall Tale of Gary Coleman

It was a fine Easter Monday morning when Gary Coleman stepped off his plane in Dublin Airport. His flight from JFK was long and baby-filled. The full Irish breakfast he was provided left him wanting just that little bit more, but he was unwilling to pay nearly ten dollars for a second breakfast.

I Enjoy the Odd Glass of Cranberry Juice

It was just another regular night out. I was with all of my friends in our favourite pub, sitting around having a great laugh. At one point I threw a Rolo at the ceiling and had one of the bar staff come over and give out to us as I hid the Rolo in my hand, pretending nothing had happened.

Clean, Safe and Easy to Use

Sense will not be made today as you are told the story of Jimmy the card. He was black. A spade to be precise. He wore the number three, with three black spades on his front. His back was a diamond-like pattern of a red variety. The one thing that was wrong with Jimmy’s life was that Frank Black of the Pixies was trying to eat him.

Little Johnny Puts His Shoes on Upside-Down

Little Johnny awoke one fine July morning. It was a Tuesday and the first thing that popped into Johnny’s mind was school. The fifth thing was that it was the summer holidays and thus, no school. The other three things are unimportant and deal mainly with a slight obsession Johnny houses towards armchairs.

One Fine Dave...

The lackey never told me his name. In my head I just called him Mr David. This Mr David may have been less burly than his associates but he was tough - like a mosquito.

The True Tale of How Chuck Norris Saved the Ice Cream Truck

It was a dark, stormy night. Mr. Whippy's fleet was asleep in the yard, getting soaked by heavy rain. His flagtruck, the 99, was tucked away under a canopy.

I Can't Change the Laws of Physics

James Doohan died yesterday at age 84. He was most well known for playing Scotty in Star Trek. He led a long and eventful life and his work on Star Trek has overshadowed most of his other accomplishments and he was typecast.

He's Dead Jim

Some people are blessed with certain gifts. Superman has the ability to fly. Larry David has the ability to create the most awkward situations possible. Drew Carey has the power to be a terrible stand up comedian.

Freedom! Horrible Freedom!

Some people believe that only a genius can solve a Rubik's cube. Others think that it is impossible to solve one. These are the majority of people, or idiots, as they are commonly known.

21 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode III Doesn't Make Sense