Jeremy Irons Wears Hats

Today famous actor Jeremy Irons will be modelling some of the latest looks from the world of hats, the most lucrative market of the fashion industry. He'll show us what's in this season and how you should wear it. Just remember, Jeremy Irons may be able to pull this off but there's a good chance your uncultured noggin won't look anywhere near as good in these stylish cranial accessories.

The Baseball Cap

Here Jeremy shows us the proper manner in which to wear your baseball cap. With the peak facing the back there's nothing to block your field of vision and everyone will know that you are the man in charge.

The Funny Australian Hat

For use only with beards, the essential thing to remember about this hat is to align the corks properly. You'd look like quite the fool if there was a lone cork dangling between your eyes, brushing every so softly off your nose.

The Indian Headdress

For the modern village person this apparel has everything you need. Feathers for tickling your senile grandmother. A belt holding them together to beat your gay son with. Well, that's about it, but it's good.

The Hard Helmet

Not just for construction sites anymore, Jeremy shows here how construction accidents can occur anywhere. The opening of a wormhole in a construction site could lead to any number of tools falling from the sky. The glaring yellow colour just tops off the beauty of this headpiece.

The Foam Dome

For the person who needs their hands for things other than drinking this hat is really all you need. Here Jeremy drinks some old generation Pepsi 330ml cans, but you can use anything. You could ever mix Diet Coke with Lime with Diet Coke with Lemon! Amazing, but true.