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I Hung it on Me Wall

The following is my definitive ranking of the trains from Thomas the Tank Engine and Friends. I don't want any dissent over this. My word is final.

The Phantom of the Oscar

I hold in my hand a genuine bottle of water from the tank in which Leonardo DiCaprio drowned during the making of James Cameron's Titanic.

Dear Editor...

Madam - The news that the Web Summit will no longer be held in Dublin came as a shock to few. Commentary surrounding the news has focused on issues with Ireland's infrastructure. This is, frankly, utter bullshit.

Just Water

They call it sparkling natural mineral water. I dispute most of this in the following rambling. Take note Mr Ballygowan.


Cookies are absolutely amazing. When I say cookies, just to clear things up, I do mean actual cookies. Not the American term for biscuit, but one hundred percent actual cookies.

Dear Nestlé...

A letter sent to Nestlé Ireland in 2005. No reply has been received to date.

My Night Trapped in the Body of an Overgrown Beetle

It was a cold winter's eve. The wind rustled the few remaining leaves of the lone tree in my shitty back garden. The temperature was steadily dropping and there wasn't a cloud in the sky. I looked at the stars, shining brightly when I noticed one was brighter than usual.

Dear Cadbury...

A letter sent to Cadbury Ireland in 2005. No reply has been received to date.


Don't bother dialling 911, here's the real number.

Happy Birthday, Ted Davis

Today, March 11th 2006, is the first birthday of Two Sided Rubber Ducky. This day one year ago the website’s first article was posted, along with the very first Steve Higginson’s Top Ten, and gooey, creamy history was made.