Archive on the Subject of Investigations

A Retrospective of Cadbury's Looney Tunes Bars

In the early 1990s Warner Brothers forged a historic deal with Cadbury to create a range of chocolate bars shaped like their popular Looney Tunes characters. Some of these are fondly remembered and some long forgotten.

Friends Spinoffs That Could Have Been

We are living in one of six separate yet parallel realities, each of which was split from a single shared reality. This was caused by the choice of character on which to base a spinoff of Friends.

Fine Gael Ard Fheis 2016 Report

Fine Gael held their 78th Ard Fheis last weekend in Citywest, Dublin. An unexpected development came, when Enda Kenny announced Fine Gael's proposed National Napkin Scheme.

The Horror of Palindromes

The sweet, sweet horror...

"What's with all the Hank Scorpios?"

The titular question was asked of me by a friend. It was a reasonable question as he was the recipient of several Snapchats of Hank Scorpio.

George Clooney in the News

Reading the news recently it occurred to me that any news article can be changed to be about George Clooney and still make sense.

The Truth About Chuck Norris

This Internet thing is all the rage these days and one thing that’s raging even more ragingly than the Internet itself is the phenomenon of Chuck Norris facts. Unfortunately the Chuck Norris facts are not facts at all, but something entirely different, something that is the complete opposite of facts, something dark and sinister. I like to call them – lies.

They Have Faces!

What would you be more afraid of, giant Chocolate Digestives taking over the world or giant BNs doing likewise?

Time Kills

The warning labels on cigarette packets still make sense when you replace the word ‘smoking’ with the word ‘time’.

The Truth About David Copperfield

Another exposé on the world of magicians, wizards and illusionist today, following up from this site's recent revelation of David Blaine's true nature. The master illusionist himself, David Copperfield, direct descendant of Charles Dickens, has revealed his newest trick: he plans to impregnate a woman, live on stage, without touching her.