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The Biscuit Baron

Alone. This is how Gavin Peterson found himself when he awoke atop a barren skyscraper in an unfamiliar city. He had no memory of how he had arrived here.

The Horror of Palindromes

The sweet, sweet horror...

Socks, Stocks and Two Frequently Used Websites

The greatest hell is the one we can most easily conceive.

"What's with all the Hank Scorpios?"

The titular question was asked of me by a friend. It was a reasonable question as he was the recipient of several Snapchats of Hank Scorpio.


A man is on fire. This is spotted by a second man, Todd.

Sitcom Facts

Grounded For Life was fucking awesome.

Just Water

They call it sparkling natural mineral water. I dispute most of this in the following rambling. Take note Mr Ballygowan.

Happy Birthday Ed Norris

When I was a kid I was a kid. That may seem tautologous, but I can also equally say that when I was a kid I wasn’t a kid. These two statements are separated by a line – a metaphorical one, like a point on a number line. Though this number line would be one of dates. A date line, if you will. A point on a date line. A date. April 1st 1995.


Cookies are absolutely amazing. When I say cookies, just to clear things up, I do mean actual cookies. Not the American term for biscuit, but one hundred percent actual cookies.

Dear Nestlé...

A letter sent to Nestlé Ireland in 2005. No reply has been received to date.