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Super Identity

There is a truth in this world that everyone knows to be true. That's why it's a truth. That truth is that there are superheroes.

Some Facts About Salt

The origins of salt lie here - near the purple I think.

The Power to Move You

What is the best superpower to have? That is a question man has asked since the beginning of time - the 1920s.

The Truth About David Blaine

Who is David Blaine? I mean, the real David Blaine. We all know the street magic, insane "stunt" moron from TV, but is that really him?

A Day in the Life of a Biro

Eddy awoke one morning at 8am. He didn't like early mornings and 8am was as early as mornings came, at least as far as Eddy knew. Eddy was a simple man... sorry, scratch that. Eddy was a simple pen.

Love, Bang, Crash, Wakka Wakka!

Two movies are coming out soon. Well, more than two movies are coming out soon, but there are only two of them that I wish to speak about in this post.

You're Getting This Shit for Free, You Know

It's time for more wonderful facts and common misconceptions.

The Corrected History of Saint Patrick

Saint Patrick was not actually born in Ireland, but in Wales around 300 AD. He was kidnapped by ninja-pirates in the middle of the night when he was three years old...

Super Mario World Walkthrough

OK, so you start off at Yoshi's House. Who the fuck is Yoshi and why the christ is his house a bunch of trees and shit?

Learning is Earning

In today's update I've decided to bring you a list of fun facts, all of which are completely true and have well backed evidence on this so-called "Internet."