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A Retrospective of Cadbury's Looney Tunes Bars

In the early 1990s Warner Brothers forged a historic deal with Cadbury to create a range of chocolate bars shaped like their popular Looney Tunes characters. Some of these are fondly remembered and some long forgotten.

Sitcom Facts

Grounded For Life was fucking awesome.

The Truth About Chuck Norris

This Internet thing is all the rage these days and one thing that’s raging even more ragingly than the Internet itself is the phenomenon of Chuck Norris facts. Unfortunately the Chuck Norris facts are not facts at all, but something entirely different, something that is the complete opposite of facts, something dark and sinister. I like to call them – lies.

When Will Happiness Find Me Again?

Calculators are able to make calculations using the three tiny mouse brains that are embedded into their circuitry.

He's Dead Jim

Some people are blessed with certain gifts. Superman has the ability to fly. Larry David has the ability to create the most awkward situations possible. Drew Carey has the power to be a terrible stand up comedian.

Freedom! Horrible Freedom!

Some people believe that only a genius can solve a Rubik's cube. Others think that it is impossible to solve one. These are the majority of people, or idiots, as they are commonly known.

Some Facts About Salt

The origins of salt lie here - near the purple I think.

You're Getting This Shit for Free, You Know

It's time for more wonderful facts and common misconceptions.

Learning is Earning

In today's update I've decided to bring you a list of fun facts, all of which are completely true and have well backed evidence on this so-called "Internet."