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Breaking Into Hollywood

"I know we're all worried about how well Logan is performing. Domestic box office alone is far greater than we predicted."

The Chicken or the Egg

A man, Harry, is sitting and reading intently. He occasionally mumbles. He slowly looks away from the paper and then suddenly announces, “of course!” He stands, ready to take action upon his realisation. Before he can take a step, a second man enters.

The Biscuit Baron

Alone. This is how Gavin Peterson found himself when he awoke atop a barren skyscraper in an unfamiliar city. He had no memory of how he had arrived here.

Socks, Stocks and Two Frequently Used Websites

The greatest hell is the one we can most easily conceive.


A man is on fire. This is spotted by a second man, Todd.

Happy Birthday Ed Norris

When I was a kid I was a kid. That may seem tautologous, but I can also equally say that when I was a kid I wasn’t a kid. These two statements are separated by a line – a metaphorical one, like a point on a number line. Though this number line would be one of dates. A date line, if you will. A point on a date line. A date. April 1st 1995.

Better Late Than Never

Kevin Chegger was a normal man – well, as normal as any man gets. He went to college and studied commerce. He had a well paying job and a wonderful wife named Betty.

A Man Walks into a Bar

Terry the barman stood behind his mighty bar filling the dishwasher with glasses. A man walked into the pub. His name was Edward. Edward approached the bar. Terry finished putting the dirty glasses into their cleaning machine and acknowledged Edward’s presence.

The Y Conference

Over 2,500 linguists and English language specialists from around the world gathered this week to decide if the letter Y is a vowel, a consonant or both. The letter has hovered in character limbo for years and linguists finally want to set in stone its status.

Ice Cream! I'm All Out of Ice Cream!

Rory was a commercial helicopter pilot and quite a successful one. He spent his days going up and down in that helicopter, flying over the city. He loved the view. He loved the way that everything seemed so tiny when he was up in his helicopter.