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Fears, Frogs and Fate

Daniel stood on the edge of the pool. He looked down into the water. The deep end. He had had a fear of swimming since he was a child. It was all due to a horrible accident in the bath that he could now only vaguely remember, but was happy about that lack of detail.

Space Dragon vs Laser

Trevor Apple and his beautiful wife Zoe lived in one of the nicest trees of the orchard. They had been married nearly two years and everyday together had been bliss. Zoe was expecting their first child and neither could have been happier.

If a One-Handed Tree Claps...

My life has so far been normal. I grew up with a good family, did well in school and moved on to college to do less well, but get more drunk. Quite drunk actually. I find that any good degree should also list the amount of alcohol consumed during the period of study for it.

Did That Happen to You?

All you're doing is looking at a simple website.

Steve Higginson's Top Ten Tools

Coming in at tenth place is the humble hammer. Created at the dawn of time, this amazing tool has been used by nearly everyone who has ever lived. Its many uses include hammering nails and hammering screws that just won't screw in properly.

When Will Happiness Find Me Again?

Calculators are able to make calculations using the three tiny mouse brains that are embedded into their circuitry.

The Abduction: A Novelization Based on an Idea

A novelization of the scifi epic about three men, two puppets and a gerbil.

I Predict a Riot

Today I'm here to talk to you about the real dangers of something everyone uses everyday: the biro. This innocent little piece of technology is one of the most dangerous objects lying around your house. More dangerous than your knives, your razors, your scissors and your deadly biological agents put together.

Exactly, Revenge from Redmond

Some day. Some day they'll all see. They'll all learn that they never should have messed with me. I will take each and every one of them from their homes. I'll let them watch as I burn their houses to bitter ashes.

Poetry in Motion

So I was walking down the street in town the other day, right? And I see this big crowd gathering around the corner of Grafton Street and College Green. I was wondering what the hell was going on. It was a rather dull day with that look in the sky that made it seem like it was always about to start raining, but never did.