Learning is Earning

In today's update I've decided to bring you a list of fun facts, all of which are completely true and have well backed evidence on this so-called "Internet."

  • In Canada there are thirteen stars in the sky for every person.

  • Brown sauce was invented when a lazy factory worker accidentally knocked his bag of dirt into a vat of ketchup and was then forced to eat the mixture by his boss.

  • Nuclear waste is actually not harmful to a person's health, the containers it's kept in are.

  • The modern day flathead screwdriver is modelled after the beak of a a bird that was hunted to extinction in the seventeenth century to use its beak as a flathead screwdriver.

  • Rats are the only animals that are fully grown when born and shrink for the rest of their lives.

  • Brown sugar was invented by Martin Luther King Jr as an alternative to the white man's sweetener.

  • St Patrick was not Irish, he was actually from Mars and flew through space in a shamrock shaped super rocket.

  • A DVD is just the same as a CD except the UN allowed more space to be put on them.

  • Baldness is a result of the universe trying to even out the amount of hair on this planet after the native Martians were wiped out by a giant hairball, now known as Mercury.

  • For ten years the Doors were supported by the Frames.

  • It would be possible to look into the future if a giant mirror was placed three lightyears away from the Earth and pointed at the north pole.

  • Hammers always appear to weight more than they actually do. This is known as the Coppling Effect.