Love, Bang, Crash, Wakka Wakka!

Two movies are coming out soon. Well, more than two movies are coming out soon, but there are only two of them that I wish to speak about in this post. You see the logic there? Anyway, these two movies of interest are Star Wars Episode III (Along with its unfortunate acronym RotS) and The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. Both of these films appeal to the nerd genre, but which one has the biggest nerd following, both in amount of nerds and average nerdage per head. Let's investigate.

Star Wars nerds, or "Warsies", rank right up there with Trekkies for the most well known group of nerds. These are the people who dress up as Jedi and wait outside cinemas for five months prior to opening, lightsabers in hand. They still do this despite the fact that they've spent the last six years moaning about the other two prequels and how George Lucas "raped their childhood" with Jar Jar Binks.

The Warsies know everything there is to know about Star Wars. They've seen the movies in every available format hundreds of times. They've read all the "Expanded Universe" books and can name every character in them. They can also point out everywhere the EU (They could have picked an acronym that wasn't being used by a certain union of countries) contradicts the films and itself. Most of these people own their own Stormtrooper costumes and re-enact the "Stormtrooper-hits-his-head-on-a-pipe" scene several times a day.

Then there's the Hitchhiker's fans who worship at the altar of Douglas Adams. These are known as Adamsites or sometimes Adamsians. These people have read all of the books in the trilogy, (all five books, though they claim there's only four) watched every episode of the TV series and listened to every episode of the radio series. Generally a typical Adamsanian knows at least the entirety of the first two books off by heart, if not the first four (the fifth doesn't exist remember.) If you were to misquote a part of Hitchhiker's then you would most likely be murdered by the nearest rabid Adamsish person.

I draw no conclusions from any of this.