21 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode III Doesn't Make Sense
  1. Padme seems to go through 9 months of pregnancy in a very short time.

  2. Anakin stopped burning for no reason. There was plenty of him left for the fire to burn.

  3. Padme was perfectly healthy yet died for inexplicable reasons. Maybe they should have just said Anakin killed her?

  4. Obi Wan's magic dragon/horse was always there for him, no matter how far he went on his own.

  5. Vader sounded stupid when he screamed. Vader shouldn't sound stupid.

  6. Chewie went from Wookiee general-type guy to smuggler by Episode IV?

  7. They didn't show enough younglings getting slaughtered. That would have been funny.

  8. Palpatine was terrible at hiding the fact that he was evil. He was ugly too.

  9. None of the Jedi put up a fight against the mighty clone army of Kiwi domestic abusers.

  10. Mace Windu was killed. Samuel L Jackson is too badass to be killed. I'm sorry, that's just not how things are done.

  11. R2-D2 narrowly avoids getting blown up for the nth time.

  12. Jar Jar was there. I don't care that he didn't speak. He was there, that was enough.

  13. Grievous should have had 4 double light sabres – and a dinosaur with lasers for eyes.

  14. The Death Star didn't blow shit up.

  15. Luke may have only been a few days old, but you could tell he was about to start whining about power converters.

  16. Why didn't R2-D2 tell anyone about the whole "Luke, I am your father." deal? He certainly likes to fuck with everyone else.

  17. Why didn't Mace Windu shoot Anakin when he said "what?" in the council chamber? What ain't no country I've ever heard of!

  18. Yoda didn't spin in the air as much as he did in Episode II. This was a great disappointment.

  19. Lightsabers. I mean, what the fuck? How do you stop a beam of light after a metre?

  20. Midichlorians.

  21. If it's set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away then how does George Lucas know what happens?