Freedom! Horrible Freedom!

Some people believe that only a genius can solve a Rubik's cube. Others think that it is impossible to solve one. These are the majority of people, or idiots, as they are commonly known. Anyone with the intellect of a barn stool or greater (If you don't know what a barn stool is you're most definitely less intelligent than it) knows that a Rubik's cube is very easy to solve: Simply face the blue side up and rotate all the sides, except the bottom one, twice clockwise. This of course works in any orientation of the cube and that is why the Rubik's cube is so fascinating, not because they're difficult to solve. To follow that up, here are some more interesting facts:

  • Escape artist Harry Houdini couldn't open child proof bottle caps on bleach and other domestic products.

  • The horizon is caused by the curvature of light due to the Earth's gravitational field, not the curvature of the Earth itself.

  • The first text message ever sent said simply "lol." It was supposed to say "sos" but the wrong character codes were transmitted.

  • The safety razor dates back to Roman times when Emperor Gillettus developed what is now know as Parkinson's Disease and was unable to shave with a cutthroat blade.

  • As of a 2003 survey there are still five pirate ships circling the world's oceans. Their attempts to plunder ships are less effective nowadays, except against Greenpeace boats.

  • The floppy disk is so called because of its low melting point. In the heat of Silicon Valley, California the disks become malleable, or floppy, and were given the name for the very reason described in this sentence.

  • The modern day biro was invented by James Joyce prior to his beginning Finnegans Wake. Fountain pens of the time would have made the book much harder for Joyce to write, but a lot easier for everyone else to read.

  • The popular Japanese snack food Pocky has been in existence for over 300 years. The original recipe uses wood instead of wheat for the stick.

  • The wristwatch was invented when a clumsy entrepreneur got adhesive on his arm and had his pocket watch fall out and get stuck. The original glue watch design is still on show today in the British Museum.

  • Rapper 50 Cent got his name from how much he was paid for his first show. He was actually not paid anything, but someone backstage thought he was homeless and threw a couple of quarters into his coffee cup.

  • Geologists predict that the world's supply of chalk will be depleted by 2018. The effect this would have on the chalk mining industry would be devastating and could lead to several chalk mining towns becoming ghost towns.

  • U2's hit album The Joshua Tree was written completely by the Edge. He was hoping that Bono wouldn't notice them making the album and they could get away from him for a couple of hours.

  • Fitting the stereotype, the first man diagnosed with alcoholism was Jim McEvoy from Cork, Ireland.

  • Infamous heroin addict Pete Doherty was caught on CCTV in 2004 attacking the members of New Order while demanding to see Ian Curtis.

  • By tracing bloodlines back 500 years it was found that the person in 512th place to the British throne is plump comedian Johnny Vegas.