Space Dragon vs Laser

Trevor Apple and his beautiful wife Zoe lived in one of the nicest trees of the orchard. They had been married nearly two years and everyday together had been bliss. Zoe was expecting their first child and neither could have been happier. Then, one horrid day, Trevor was on his way home from the hat factory where he worked. He caught a glimpse of smoke in the orchard. He ran as fast as he could to find his tree on fire. He checked everywhere but Zoe wasn't to be found. Their neighbours stood around and watched in horror as the tree burned to ash and fell.

Trevor ran everywhere looking for Zoe. He checked the river. He checked the mountains. He even checked the caves that smell like butter that expired the day before you tried to use it. Nothing. Then a terrible thought entered his mind. One he dared not fathom. But fathom it he did and he didn't like it. Not one bit. Zoe had been taken. Taken by – the dinosaurs.

Anything but the dinosaurs. They were the most awesome foe any fruit had ever come up against. Only one ever survived a dinosaur attack, Jerry Pineapple. But he was left – different. His brain didn't work right after that day. He was – a vegetable. Trevor didn't want to end up like that, but he had to save his wife from her prehistoric fate. And so he bid goodbye to the orchard, believing he would never see it again.

After a two-month trek across the lake in a badly fashioned plastic boat Trevor reached the land of the dinosaurs. He crawled up onto the beach, starved. He needed food, quickly. He noticed a rat lying on the sand, asleep in the sun. Trevor grabbed the rodent and ate it. He had swallowed it whole before it could wake from its midday slumber. After that quick snack Trevor was off to find Zoe.

He hiked through the thick jungle for hours until he came across a familiar scent. It was Zoe. He could smell her. He started to run as fast as he could, which wasn't very fast at all really. He entered a clearing and saw Zoe, lying motionless on a rock. He ran over to her, but he was too late. She was dead. Trevor lay over her corpse crying. He was so distraught he didn't even notice the ground trembling.

It was the dinosaur that killed Zoe. He was laughing at Trevor. Trevor looked up and made eye contact with the great beast. The dinosaur saw the rage in Trevor's eyes. He knew that Trevor would stop at nothing to get revenge. Trevor stood up and took out his gun. The dinosaur was shocked. How did a mere apple come across a gun? Trevor shot the great beast. The dinosaur flailing in pain and anger. Trevor let out another shot. And another. He emptied the gun into the evil dinosaur. The dinosaur stumbled momentarily and then succumbed to his injuries.

Trevor had done it. He got revenge for Zoe's death. He was that little bit happier. Unfortunately, the dying dinosaur fell over and crushed Trevor and Zoe. There was apple pulp everywhere.