Cookies are absolutely amazing. When I say cookies, just to clear things up, I do mean actual cookies. Not the American term for biscuit, but one hundred percent actual cookies. Chocolate chips. Bits of nuts. Brand-name sweets. All of these things can be baked right into a cookie.

However, the most amazing part of all is that €1.20 will buy you two kinds of cookie in the TCDSU Shop. Type 1: The Irish Flapjack & Muffin Co. Cookie. This is about 3 inches in radius and comes in a variety of flavours including butterscotch and vanilla chocolate chip. Type 2: Cadbury Cookies Choc Chip. This is an entire box of cookies! At least two dozen 3/4 inch radius cookies for the same price as one larger cookie.

Some quick calculations:

Area of Type 1 Cookie: 3" 3" π = ~28.27 square inches

Area of a single Type 2 Cookie: 3/4" 3/4" π = ~1.76 square inches

Combined Area of Type 2 Cookies: ~42.41 square inches

This means that for the same low low price of €1.20, with the box of Cadbury Cookies you're getting around 50% extra cookie and chocolate. Not bad, eh?