"What's with all the Hank Scorpios?"

The titular question was asked of me by a friend. It was a reasonable question as he was the recipient of several Snapchats of Hank Scorpio. As were all of my other friends on Snapchat. It left me thinking though. What is with all the Hank Scorpios?

Late last year I noticed a picture of Hank Scorpio's face, printed out in black and white and adhered to a wall on Thomas Street by the old An Post mailing centre.

I'd passed it a few times before I really realised how odd it was for somebody to have printed this off and pasted it onto the wall. It was amusing and I was ready to move on with my life. But then I saw another one.

Sometime in mid-January I found a Hank Scorpio along the quays on Usher's Island. This was when I realised that I had found a use for Snapchat: to send pictures of pictures of Hank Scorpio to my friends, without comment.

Soon enough after that I found another one on Crane Lane across from the Oak, which was visible from Dame Street. The next day I found another on Dame Lane near the entrance to Dublin Castle. At this stage I was sure that those couldn't have been the only Hank Scorpios that adorned Dublin's streets. I was, of course, correct.

I have since documented each and every Hank Scorpio I have found, along with Snapchatting them without comment. I have been able to determine that the particular image of Hank Scorpio is taken from the "I didn't even give you my coat" scene, as you can see in this screenshot on Imgur.

At least one person seems to not enjoy these passing glances of Hank Scorpio as much as I do. One of the pictures that I found on Dame Lane has since been torn down. A portion of his hair and ear remains, recognisable as Hank Scorpio to only the most keen of observers.

I cannot determine who is doing this or why they are doing it. I'm not sure if I want to know. I think I just want to keep finding Hank Scorpios throughout Dublin.

I have received tips from friends on the locations of new Hank Scorpios. Some have panned out while others haven't. For full disclosure I must admit that I have on more than one occasion gone out of my way in search of new Hank Scorpios. I cannot walk every street and alley of the city though.

I've started a ScorpioMap to keep track of where and when I find these Hank Scorpios.