The Horror of Palindromes

Sugar is a hot-button issue these days. It tastes great, but it's destroying civilisation. We may never make progress on finding a solution, but this allows me to segue into my actual point. Haribo have a range of sweets (sweets contain sugar) called Maoam.

There are a number of different varieties of Maoam, such as Stripes and Joystixx, but I'm here to discuss their Minis range, which is also simply known as Maoam.

If you inspect the packaging above you'll see a green bean-like mascot galavanting with anthropomorphic fruit. These faced fruit represent the fruit flavour of the chewy sweets. They look like they're having a laugh.

These fruit are also having the craic with the mascot on their respective individual packagings.

Now, the astute among you have probably noticed an odd one out there. The cola flavour chewy sweet packaging features the mascot drinking cola, instead of partying with it. Well, it's a good thing that the cola bottle, unlike the fruit, is not a living being with feelings and desires to hang out with the fruit and the mascot.


The cola bottle is anthropomorphic too. The cola bottle is alive! It's fucking alive. The Maoam mascot is drinking a living being. What the fuck!?

What is wrong with that bean?