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How to Make a Birdfeeder

Today I'm going to teach you how to make your own birdfeeder! Now, I know what you're thinking and I'm going to use that to my advantage, which is why my first tip is never play me in poker. The birdfeeder on the other hand, is a very useful thing indeed.

Best Before - See Cap/Bottle

Pepsi-Cola is a cola flavoured soft drink that is, as suggested by their hefty ‘50% Extra Free’ bottles, best served chilled. Of course, they never specify what chilled is.

Frequently Arrested Quizmasters

Since I've received dozens upon dozens of emails, I've decided that a little FAQ is in order. Note: The emails had nothing to do with the website; I just felt like writing this thing. Have you got a problem with that?

Did That Happen to You?

All you're doing is looking at a simple website.

Exactly, Revenge from Redmond

Some day. Some day they'll all see. They'll all learn that they never should have messed with me. I will take each and every one of them from their homes. I'll let them watch as I burn their houses to bitter ashes.

Poetry in Motion

So I was walking down the street in town the other day, right? And I see this big crowd gathering around the corner of Grafton Street and College Green. I was wondering what the hell was going on. It was a rather dull day with that look in the sky that made it seem like it was always about to start raining, but never did.

I Enjoy the Odd Glass of Cranberry Juice

It was just another regular night out. I was with all of my friends in our favourite pub, sitting around having a great laugh. At one point I threw a Rolo at the ceiling and had one of the bar staff come over and give out to us as I hid the Rolo in my hand, pretending nothing had happened.

Clean, Safe and Easy to Use

Sense will not be made today as you are told the story of Jimmy the card. He was black. A spade to be precise. He wore the number three, with three black spades on his front. His back was a diamond-like pattern of a red variety. The one thing that was wrong with Jimmy’s life was that Frank Black of the Pixies was trying to eat him.

21 Reasons Why Star Wars Episode III Doesn't Make Sense


Super Identity

There is a truth in this world that everyone knows to be true. That's why it's a truth. That truth is that there are superheroes.